Staging Your Home For Sale

Now is the time of year the real estate market picks up. But if your house is for sale, how do you compete with all the other houses on the market? How can you make yours stand out above the rest? With just a few changes and simple clean-ups, your house can be the best on the block, and bring you top dollar. Here are just a few things you can do to get your house ready to sell:


This is the first impression people have when they drive by. Make it the best:

  • Trim all trees and bushes away from house
  • Cut down any which significantly block the view to/from the house
  • Kill or pull all weeds
  • Repair broken windows/shutters/gutters
  • Plant annuals if your perennials aren’t blooming
  • Paint the front door if necessary
  • Keep the grass mowed and neatly edged
  • Clean up any debris or old building materials from the yard
  • Make sure fence is in good condition and locks work
  • Pick up toys from yard and patio
  • Pick up any pet waste and discard
  • Clean garbage cans


The main concerns here are clutter and repairs

  • In the Kitchen
    • Clean off countertops and remove stains
    • Remove magnets and photos from refrigerator
    • Clean exterior and interior of all appliances
    • Pack away and store items from cabinets you won’t be using
  • In the Bathrooms
    • Remove all signs of mold/mildew/rust
    • Clean all surfaces including shower doors—replace shower curtain if necessary
    • Make sure lights and fan are in working order
    • Pack away and store extra toiletries and towels you won’t be needing before the move
  • In General
    • Make the entryway as appealing and bright as possible—buy a new door if necessary
    • Clean all walls/Repair torn wallpaper
    • Paint walls if necessary, using neutral colors (but not white)
    • Clean all floors
    • Clean carpets/remove stains—replace if necessary
    • De-clutter all closets—organize them
    • Remove knick-knacks and photos—keep only a few in each room
    • Remove and store unnecessary furniture
    • Clean windows and window treatments
    • Replace burned-out light bulbs Air out the home before showing
    • Pick up children’s belongings—store extra clothing and toys
    • Clean up after pets—toys and odors! Water all plants—remove dead foliage
    • Remove hazardous materials from basement and garage

While you may incur several thousand dollars in expense here, the reward will be worth it. Your goal is to have a neat and clean home. One that says it is livable and workable not only for you, but for any other family. By removing extra furniture and belongings, the rooms and closets will appear larger. Keep everything bright, airy and smelling fresh. The investment will be worth the effort. S

taging homes for sale is only one of the Relocation Services we offer at Prima By Design. For more information, call us at 847-955-1822 or e-mail us at

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