Learn to be Clutter Free

Being clutter-free is more than getting rid of things you donít use. Itís more than cleaning off a counter, or emptying the garage. Being clutter-free also means a change in life-styleófor the better. You will gain more time for yourself because you donít have to spend time maintaining your property.

You will have more money because you wonít have to pay for extra storage. And you will also have more money because you will change your buying habits once you realize the benefits of having a clutter-free home.

More leisure time, you say? Now who wouldnít want that?

Here are some steps toward creating a clutter-free lifestyle that will ultimately give you more time to do those things you want to do.

LOOK AT THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEMóWhy do you collect clutter?

  • Because my parents did
  • Because I might need it some day ∑
  • Because itís irreplaceable
  • Because it makes me feel wealthy to own all this stuff
  • Because it was a gift ∑ Because it was on sale
  • Because I might fit into it again
  • Because I might find the rest of the pieces in this stack of junk ∑
  • Because it just needs to be repaired
  • Because I might need it for spare parts
  • Because they just donít make them like this any more
  • Because I plan on selling it or having a garage sale


  • Clutter will cause you to change your lifestyle
    • You wonít be able to park your car in the garage o You wonít be able to take a vacation in the overstuffed motor home
    • You wonít have time to enjoy a good book if you canít find it in the stack of papers
    • You canít entertain because the family room is too crowded with junk
    • You canít cook healthy because the pantry is full of appliances you never use
    • You canít exercise because the treadmill is being used as a closet
  •  Clutter costs money
    • Off-site storage o Late payment fees
    • Moving those unopened boxes from home to home
    • Paying finance charges on credit card bills for those things you just had to have
    • Youíll be buying duplicates because you canít find the originals
  • Loss of Time
    • Cleaning will take longer because you have to go around all the knickknacks and stacks of papers
    •  Tasks will take longer because you canít find what you need
    • Youíll be late for appointments and meetings because you couldnít find your calendar 


  • Start Small
    • Choose a room
    • Choose a surface in that room
    • Make decisions as you go
       - Toss it
       - Donate it
       - Keep it
       - Store It
  •  Be Honest
    • Do I need it?
    • Do I want it? o Will my life change if I no longer own it?
    • Do I have room to store it without overcrowding?
    • Could it be replaced if I need it again some day?
    • Is it broken?
    • Is it safe in its current condition?
    • How does it make me feel? Warm? Cozy? Or crazy?


  • Create better storage/organization
    • Use shelves to store boxes instead of stacking them
    • Store lightweight items on higher shelves or suspended from ceilings
    • Store heavier items on lower shelves o Use vertical spaceówalls
    • Use overhead spaceóceilings and rafters o Label all containers
    • Use see-through containers when possible o Containerize within containers or drawers  
  •  Change your habits
    • Donít buy anything new unless it REPLACES something old
    • Donít buy it unless you NEED it
    • Pass up those yard salesóitís only other peopleís clutter
    • Just because the neighbors have one doesnít mean you need one
    • Set up monthly donations to your favorite charityóuse it as a tax write-off o Donít buy it if you canít afford it

The most important part of this process is not to expect changes overnight. It will take time for you to go through your home from top to bottom. And it will take time to alter your habits. But once you see the benefits of a clutter-free home, the changes will come more easily.



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