Nine Journeys

Stories of Women Who Found
Their Own Paths to Success

by Paula Fortini, Kathy Eber, Michelle Prima, Dorothy Deemer, Linda Polhemus, Kari Skloot, Pam Labellarte, Ashlee Niethammer, and Bonnie Richtman


Nine Journeys by Michelle Prima


Your life is a story with an unwritten ending. The journey begins on the paths that are open to you; the destination depends on the ones you actually take.


That's how it was for each of us. Creating our own businesses changed us forever and made us the women we are now. This isn't one story; it's nine different life-changing stories told by the women who lived them. Each of us broke from the beaten path to work for ourselves. It wasn't always pretty or fun, and definitely not easy. But it was an experience not one of us would have missed for anything.


Sharing our stories with you allowed us to retrace our steps and create a replay that sometimes surprised even us. We're not alone either.


Ten percent of today's working women are choosing self-employment. The next story could be yours.


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Nine Journeys by Michelle Prima  Nine Journeys by Michelle Prima  Nine Journeys by Michelle Prima  Nine Journeys by Michelle Prima

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